Congestion will be worse throughout east, north and central Witney


Local residents are well aware that traffic congestion on Woodstock Road, Bridge Street and West End is a major problem. The Local Plan includes the building of a link road from the roundabout at the bottom of Hailey Road (Cannon Pool roundabout), that will cross the Windrush, and come out by the traffic lights on Mill Street. Traffic volume figures presented in the Local Plan by Oxford County Council and the developer state that traffic congestion will, overall, not get worse if the North Witney development goes ahead alongside this new link road. NWAG have analysed the figures as well and they show that:

  • Traffic volume will triple in Hailey Road at peak times.
  • Traffic will double on Farmers Close
  • Building the West End Link Road adds 17% more traffic to the High Street

There are some important questions need answering:

  • Why have Oxfordshire County Council, West Oxfordshire District Council and the North Witney Consortium failed to include key local roads like Hailey Road, New Yatt Road and Narrow Hill in its traffic assessment?
  • What has happened to the plans for Shores Green junction?