What is the Local Plan?


West Oxfordshire District Council has to submit a long term Local Plan, this covers a number of their responsibilities including housing. The Local Plan submitted in late 2015 by WODC was thrown out by the government inspector as it had not adequately addressed housing needs. After the initial reading of the whole Local Plan for the whole of West Oxfordshire the inspector had 10 pages of questions, five of which were concerning North Witney. 


Despite these concerns WODC has continued to include North Witney in the revised Local Plan and has upped the housing number to 1,400 and watered down the commitment of the developers to pay for infrastructure like roads.


The revised Local Plan is currently being inspected and the key hearing dates are on the 11-21 July. NWAG will be presenting our very strong case to the inspector to have the North Witney site dropped from the Local Plan.


See NWAGs responses to the Local Plan consultation and Inspector's questions.