Click on the photograph to read the compelling argument from North Witney Action Group's Chairman, Stuart Harrison, to scrap the North Witney development. The feature appeared in The Witney Gazette and The Oxford Times in May 2020.


North Witney and the Local Plan


The recently adopted Local Plan produced by WODC includes 1,400 homes in North Witney, despite over a 1,000 residents signing the NWAG petition, due to very real concerns about traffic and flooding.


The site causes:


- an increased flooding risk

- more than doubles traffic levels in West End, Hailey Road and Farmers Close

- potential air quality issues in West End

- destroys a landscape that WODC agrees should be protected


That's before WODC has even properly considered secondary schooling, health centres and how Witney will grind to a halt with the building of a huge mains sewer through the middle of the town.


The proposed North Witney development


North Witney development