2nd May Elections: NWAG Endorses Richard Langridge

Posted on 4th April, 2019

“Richard Langridge has for 12 years been an exceptional Councillor for our North Witney Ward.


His integrity to stand up for what is right for the people he represents is demonstrated by him consistently opposing the deeply flawed inclusion of the North Witney development in WODC’s Local Plan.


His principled and fearless stand on behalf of the residents of North Witney has resulted in him having to stand as an Independent; free from party political pressure to conform to supporting the continuing inclusion of this catastrophic development in the Local Plan.


Standing as an Independent in the Ward he has so faithfully served you for those 12 years, provides him the freedom to continue to speak out on this.


The North Witney Action Group unequivocally endorse his desire to continue to serve you as your district councillor.”


Stuart Harrison,

Chair, North Witney Action Group (NWAG)


Over 1000 local residents signed the NWAG petition opposing the building of 1400 houses in North Witney and constructing the West End Link Road on the River Windrush. The facts challenging these catastrophic risks are


  • DOUBLING current traffic volumes along Hailey Road & Farmers Close

(WODC Local Plan evidence base & OCC 2017 Witney Transport Strategy report)


  • DOUBLING current traffic volumes in West End

(OCC 2017 Witney Transport Strategy report)


  • CREATING a new Air Quality Management Area on West End (as Bridge St is currently) by increasing nitrogen dioxide pollution levels above UK legal limits

(WODC 2018 Air Quality status report)


  • NOT REDUCING the severe flooding risk in Eastfield Road and Hailey Road

(WODC Local Plan evidence base and subsequent reports) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjzAzl4GXw8)


  • FAILING to protect Witney centre from flooding from the River Windrush

(Note: the proposed West End Link Road bridge cannot be used to hold back the River Windrush)

(WODC Local Plan evidence base)