The North Witney Action Group


The NWAG was formed by local residents in 2014 following WODC’s publication of the first ‘Draft 2031 Local Plan’ in 2014. Since then, NWAG has submitted 10 Local Plan Consultation responses to WODC, arguing the case against the highly flawed North Witney Strategic Development Area (NWSDA), along with the associated West End Link Road (WEL2).


In 2015 NWAG raised a petition against the NW SDA & WEL2, gathering over 1,000 signatures from local residents living within Witney and Hailey. (note: The NW SDA is actually situated in Hailey Parish and only runs along the border with Witney!) The petition was presented to WODC, the then Prime Minister and local MP David Cameron, as well as the Government Inspector of the Draft Local Plan at the 2017 Public Hearing.


The Local Plan Public Inquiry was held at WODC’s Council Offices in July 2017 (NWAG attended every day for the two weeks), and it was adopted by WODC in Sept 2018 as the new 2031 Local Plan.


To maintain credibility, NWAG has been careful to use evidence against the building of the 1,400 house NW SDA and WEL2 that has ONLY been extracted from Authoritative sources, namely -

Oxfordshire County Council, West Oxfordshire District Council,

Thames Water Utility, Environment Agency, National Planning Policy Framework, North Witney (Land) Consortium.


Since 2014, soon after the formation of the group, NWAG began submitting responses to WODC consultations and other NW SDA issues. The submissions are below, starting with the most recent:


NWAG 24.00482.OUT Submission April 2024 


NWAG Local Plan 2041 submission October 2023


Letter to WODC Principal Planner July 25 2023


NWAG May 2023 EIA Scoping submission


NWAG Local Plan 2041 Areas of Focus


NWAG response to 14.01671.OUT planning application


WODC Sustainability Appraisal Consultation Dec 2017


North Witney Action Group Stage 3 Submission


NWAG WODC Local Plan 2031 Main Mods


NWAG submission to Inspector for examination May 2015


NWAG LP2031 Submission Sept 2014