North Witney and the Local Plan

WODC’s current 2031 Local Plan was adopted in 2018 and inclu
building up to 1,400 homes in North Witney. This, despite over 1,000
local residents signing the 2014 NWAG petition indicating their very
real concerns about traffic congestion and flooding issues.

In 10 years of investigating the published evidence, NWAG has
established that the proposed site will cause:


• an increased flooding risk,
• a doubling of traffic levels in North Witney, including West
   End, Hailey Road and Farmers Close,
• create potential air quality issues in West End,
• destroy a landscape that WODC agrees should be protected.


In that 10 year period, despite the publishing of many papers, reports
and documents, there have been NO SOLUTIONS found for any of these


The proposed North Witney development


North Witney development