The proposed North Witney Housing Development


The North Witney Consortium* is proposing to build up to 1,400 homes in the area of land that stretches from Woodstock Road, across the top of New Yatt Road, and all the way to Hailey Road.


Despite numerous valid objections from NWAG, Hailey Parish Council, Witney Town Council and numerous WODC councillors, as well as private individuals, WODC has continued to include North Witney in its housing plans. We believe it may appear in the new Draft 2041 Local Plan.


A key part of the Local Plan is the building of the West End Link Road (WEL2), which stretches from the roundabout at the bottom of Hailey Road, across the river Windrush (built on the flood plain floor) and joining at the traffic lights on Mill Street/Woodford Way.


Given all the extra traffic created by the proposed 1400 house development, this will inevitably increase traffic problems in the town and create more congestion. Traffic on West End, Hailey Road and Farmers Close could more than double, with air quality issues likely on the narrow and ancient West End which may, under proposals, carry displaced traffic from the proposed partial closing of Bridge Street.


Read our ‘TRAFFIC’ section for latest update.


This area has been subject to major flooding, most notably in 2007, 2014 & 2020, with the flooding of houses in Hailey Road, West End, Bridge Street, Riverside Gardens and Jacobs Mill.


The land earmarked for housing contains Blue Oxford Clay resulting in rainwater quickly running off causing flash flooding. With its three major tributaries feeding into the Hailey Road Drain plus the increasing effects of Climate Change, it is a recipe for continued flooding.


Read our 'Flooding' section for illustrated evidence. 


The network of footpaths through the land are enjoyed by residents and offer views of surrounding countryside and over Witney. WODC’s own Kirkham Report 2012 confirms it is a landscape “worth preserving”.


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*The North Witney Consortium comprises of these companies -

Blenheim Strategic Partners

Cranbrook Construction Limited;

Gleeson Land Limited;

L&Q Estates Limited;

Taylor Wimpey UK Ltd.